Welcome to our Safety Briefing

Welcome and thank you for choosing Canoe the Murray!

You are entering this activity at your own risk so be aware that your actions on the river are and will be your responsibility.

1. You must stay in the middle of the river and Maintain a clear vision of 50 metres ahead of you at all times.
2. Life jackets must be worn at all times.
3. If you fall out don’t panic the life jacket will keep you afloat.
4. All personal belongings you choose to take on the trip with you is your responsibility. Canoe the Murray does not take any responsibility for lost or damaged items.
5. In case of an emergency ring 000
7. The first set of bridges you come across is 20 minutes away from where we pick you up (the boat ramp)
8. There are three inlets on your left as you paddle down the river. You must maintain right all the way.

For those amongst you who have never paddled before please refer to the demonstration and seek assistance from the operator if you have any questions about the briefing or any other concerns. We hope you enjoy your canoeing experience on the Mighty Murray River and look forward to seeing your smiling faces later today!
PS – A quick visit to the toilets is a must before you leave!
Thanks for joining us today.


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